What is Kalao ?
Kalao's vision is to build an all integrated ecosystem bringing NFT and DeFI services built on Avalanche. Kalao provides an easy-to-use Avalanche-based DEX for collectibles and a mobile-friendly Wallet integrating staking capabilities.
Kalao NFT marketplace will be the first solution of the ecosystem to be relased. NFT marketplace offers capabilities to trade, collect and secure digital collectibles on the Avalanche blockchain protocol. Non-fungible tokens are “unique” and cannot be replicated, which allows traceability and clear ownership of the token.
A best-in-class mobile application offering Wallet, DeFI and Fiat on-ramp features on top of building Virtual Gallery to magnify NFTs collections will complete the full Kalao ecosystem.
Founded early 2021, Kalao is registered in Estonia and led by a team bringing complementary expertises from various areas (Blockchains, stock markets, retail industry, strategy consulting).
Within Kalao marketplace, users can also create NFTs leveraging on Avalanche Creator-Studio which is key for creators, as they will be able to mint their NFTs directly from Kalao in a simple and cost-effective way.
Creating NFTs as a presentation of your paints, books, musics, movies and selling them will all be possible directly from Kalao marketplace without having to switch between several applications.
Kalao ecosystem will be an entirely autonomous platform, driven by the community with a very transparent governance model through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) Community will be in charge of most of the decisions for the platform, voting proposals with $KLO governance token.
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