How to buy $AVAX on Kalao
First thing first, If you haven't created a Metamask Wallet as of yet, please check following procedure : How to create a Metamask wallet
Then, there are two ways to proceed, buy $AVAX directly from your own profile page or from any NFT page.
1. Click on “Buy $AVAX”.
2. Once you have chosen the amount and the FIAT currency, add your e-mail address to obtain a confirmation code and validate by clicking on "proceed".
3. Use the code sent to your email address to confirm your email address.
4. Once done, copy past your Metamask C-chain address to receive funds and click on "Confirm".
5. Select your payment method before validating it.
6. Congratulations, you just got $1.14 AVAX that can be used on the Kalao marketplace.
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