How to create a gallery
Once logged into Kalao Vision, you can follow “How to create an account on Kalao Vision, and then you will be able to create your own gallery:
1. The first step is to press “My Galleries”.
2. Then, you have to select “New Gallery”.
3. The next step is to Select a predefined theme among the 4 proposed.
4. A pop-up will appear asking you if you “want to launch the gallery with VR headset”.
5. Once the new gallery loaded, the following screen will explain you how to interact inside the gallery.
6. Once facing a wall, you can click “I” in order to access your inventory. Let’s selectTubby Reindeer #1487”in the NFT section. Note that there is also “Song” and “Props”.
7. Next, you have different available kind of “Display style” in order to embedded your artwork. You can choose the type of framework, and also the “Vertical Offset” and the “Size”. You will also find several Effects.
8. In all Kalao Galleries, you will also find a Juke-box. It will give you the possibility to add a Music NFT. When facing the Juke-box, you can click “I” or “E” in order to interact with it.
9. Once able to interact, click. “+” in order to access to your “Available song”.
10. Once added, you will be able to see your Music NFT and buyer will be able to “Place bid” on C-chain.
11. The last most important step is to “Save Gallery”. You can use it anytime in order to continue and resume your creation later. Once in the “Menu”, select “Save Gallery”.
12. First, you have to select an “Empty Slot”.
13. Once selected, you have to choose a “Title”, a “Description”, if you want a “Public” or a private gallery and click on “Save”.
14. Finally, once “Your gallery has been saved successfully”, you will be able to see your saved gallery in the list and its “ShareCode”.
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