How to buy an NFT

There are two methods of purchase that we cover see in this tutorial:

  • Buying a single item

  • Buying multiple items : Add multiple NFTs to your cart and checkout in 1 transaction

In order to Buy an NFT, you first need to connect your wallet

If you don’t have any AVAX in your wallet yet, follow our tutorial.

Buying a single item

You can make an immediate purchase directly from the NFT card or from its detail page :

Once you click the "Buy" Button, a Metamask pop-up will appear for you to “confirm” the transaction.

Once confirmed, your NFT will show up under My Collectibles”.

Buying multiple items

No matter where you are on the site, you can add an NFT to your cart at any time. To do so, simply click on the "+" button located on the top left of an NFT card.

You can select up to 50 NFTs at once. The shopping cart is located at the bottom right corner.

You can view the content of your cart by clicking on it. There you can remove single NFTs from the cart by clicking the "x" button or remove all by clicking "clear", choose the desired quantity (for ERC-1155) and continue the purchase through the "checkout".

A metamask transaction will be required.

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