How to create a custom gallery

Once logged into Kalao Vision, you can follow “How to create an account on Kalao Vision", and then you will be able to create your own custom gallery:

1. Click “My Galleries”.

2. Select “New Gallery”.

3. Select "Custom room". Then, you must select the size of it.

4. Once selected and loaded, you must enter the room and explore the console. Left mouse button to interact:

Then, you will have to choose "Room settings":

5. Once the new gallery is validated, the following screen will explain you how to interact inside the gallery. H for Help.

6. Select "I" to access your "Inventory" and start setting up "3D Elements":

7. Once you have set up an element, you can "Edit shape or style" it.

8. You can also add some NFT slots on your walls:

9. Next, you can edit shape or style. You have different available kind of “Display style” in order to embedded your artwork. You can choose the type of framework, and also the “Vertical Offset” and the “Size”. You will also find several Effects.

10. Set NFT will give you access to your inventory. Then you can select the NFT you want to set.

11. Then, your Custom Gallery is ready!

12. Note that you can also Delete your NFT or remove an element from a wall if you don’t want it anymore:

13. The last most important step is to “Save room”. You can use it anytime in order to continue and resume your creation later. Once in the “Menu”, select “Save room”.

14. First, you have to select an “Empty Slot”.

15. Once selected, you have to choose a “Name”, a “Description”, if you want a “Public” or a private gallery and click on “Save”.

16. Note that you can choose “Upload 360”. It will enable people to have a 360° overview when sharing your gallery:

17. Finally, once “Your gallery has been saved successfully”, you will be able to see your saved gallery in the list and its “ShareCode":

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