How to transfer an NFT

Once you are logged into the Kalao Marketplace, you will be able to transfer one or more NFTs simultaneously.

You can transfer an NFT from:

  • The NFT detail page

  • The "My Collectibles" section using "Bulk Transfer"

  • From your profil

Transfering an NFT from detail page

Go to the "My Collectibles" section of your profile.

Click on the NFT you want to transfer to be taken to its detail page.

Click on the "Transfer" button. You will be prompted to enter the reception address.

In order to validate the transfer, 2 steps are necessary. A first one to approve the contract, and a second one to transfer the NFT.

Once Confirmed, your NFT will be transferred to the destination address.

Bulk Transfer

The Bulk Transfer is directly accessible under "Transfer" in the hover menu or under “My collectibles”.

Select all the NFTs you wish to Transfer.

Once done, scroll down (+ enter the desired quantity for ERC-1155 NFTs) and fill in the destination address where you want to send the NFTs to.

Click on "Transfer Selected". You will need to approve the contract for each collection and then sign a Metamask transaction.

If your transfer includes both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs you will need to sign 2 transactions.

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