How to modify a listing price or cancel a sale

You can modify the listing price of your NFT or cancel the listing from:

  • Your dashboard

  • The detail page of the NFT

Cancelling a sale

1. From your dashboard, click on the "..." on the relevant NFT sale and select Cancel Sale.

From the NFT detail page, you have a direct access to "Cancel".

2. Click on “Cancel”, then "confirm".

In most cases, no fees will be required to cancel your listings. However, if someone is interacting with your NFT, then you will be asked to make a metamask transaction to block any ongoing interactions with your NFT.

3. Once cancelled, the listing no longer appears in your opened listings and will return to the "My Collectibles" section.

Editing the listing price

Same as cancelling, you can edit the sale price from your Dashboard or from the NFT detail page. 1. Click on "Edit Price" and input a new price.

2. Confirm and sign the sale by accepting the Metamask signature

3. Your new price is instantly changed, and you can view it by clicking on "view listing".

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