How to Explore NFTs on Kalao

1 - Explore Collections

Filter collections by Category (Art / Collectibles / Games / Memes / Music / Photography / Utility) or sort them by volume over the last 7 days (Trending) or since their creation. A search field is also available to directly find the desired collection by its name.

Once you found a collection you are interested in, click on the card to be redirected to the collection page. This page will include additional information, as well as many filters to navigate through the different NFTs within the collection.

Different stats about the collection appear such as the total Volume, floor price (price of the lowest listed NFT currently), average selling price, the number of items and holders of the collection.

Collection offers: You can also "Make a Collection Offer" from the collection page which is valid for any NFT within the collection.

2 - Explore All NFTs

By default the most recently listed NFTs appear.

Filter NFTs by:

  • collection or category

  • price range

  • sales type

Sort NFTs by:

  • price

  • auction end date

  • popularity.

By clicking on a card, you will be redirected to the NFT Detail page:

The detail page highlights an NFT's description and properties, and showcases its history including sales and offers.

You can also make an offer or buy the NFT (if it is currently listed) from the detail page.

3 - Explore Creators

The Creators page shows you the artists active on Kalao. These are sorted by the volume generated on the marketplace.

If you click on an artist's thumbnail, you will be redirected to their public profile.

From an artist profile page, you can explore their collections and NFTs for sale, as well as their favorite NFTs, activity, social links, etc.

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