How to make an offer

Offers can be made on both on a single NFT or multiples NFTs. The Kalao marketplace also allows you to make offers on the floor price of an entire collection (collection offers), but also on specific attributes of a collection (property offers).

Offers on an NFT

1. Select the NFT you want to make an offer for.

2. You can see that the best offer for this NFT is currently 0.2 wAVAX.

Click on "Make Offer" and chose the amount you would like to bid. Offers are made in wAVAX, think of converting your AVAX in wAVAX if you do not have any. This can be done directly on Kalao. Just click on the wallet icon in the top right corner and on "swap".

You can see your balance in wAVAX below the price field (0.576 wAVAX in this example).

3. Validate your Offer. The validation is done in 2 steps, the first one to approve the wAVAX contract and the second one to sign the offer.

4. Once confirmed, your Offer appears in your Dashboard. You can cancel it by clicking the "X".

Collection offers

Choose the collection on which you want to buy any NFT at floor price or below.

1. On the collection page, click "Make Collection Offer"

2. Input the unit price and the quantity of items on which you wish to make an offer within this collection. The UI shows you the floor price for orientation.

3. The confirmation of the offer is done in 2 steps, an approval of wAVAX and a signature of the offer.

4. You can track the progress of your offer from your Dashboard to see how many NFTs have been filled. There you can also cancel your offer by clicking the 'x' button.

Property offers

Property offers allow you to bid on all NFTs within a collection which have a specific traits.

  1. On the collection page, select a property in the filters. A "Make Properties Offer" button appears. You can also select multiple properties from the same or different categories. The explorer will show you NFTs which: a. have either [property 1] or [property 2] (when you select properties from the same category) b. have [property 1] and [property 2] (when you select properties from different categories)

  1. Click on "Make Properties Offer"

  2. You'll see an overview of the number of NFTs your offer will be valid for, as well as the current floor price for comparison. Your offer will be valid for all the NFTs you saw on the explore page after applying the property filters.

  3. Enter a price and the quantity of NFTs you would like to buy. The same price is valid for all selected traits.

  4. Click "Place A Bid". From here on it's the same process as with Collection offers. You'll need to confirm the offer in two transactions.

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