How do I purchase Avalanche native token (AVAX)

1. Find an exchange that supports AVAX, such as Binance, or FTX.

2. Create an account by clicking “Register”

Notice that Depending on the exchanges, you will have to make a KYC (Know Your Customer) and different security level (2FA, phone number….) to trade and/or withdraw your coins

3. Make your first fiat deposit or use your credit card to purchase any assets with a “direct buy”.

4. If you choose to deposit FIAT, search for an AVAX market and trade the suitable cryptocurrency for AVAX.

You just bought AVAX, the native Avalanche token. If you want to interact with Kalao and other dApps on Avalanche, withdraw AVAX to your wallet on the C-Chain. AVAX is required to pay gas fees for transactions.

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