How to create an NFT on the Kalao Marketplace

This tutorial presents how to create an NFT on the Avalanche using the creator available on the Kalao marketplace.

How to create an NFT?

1. Log into the Kalao Marketplace

2. Hover over your profile in the top right corner and click “Create”

3. Select between ERC-721 (each NFT is unique) and ERC-1155 (one NFT can have several editions).

Choose carefully! Once the collection is created you will not be able to change the format of it.

4. Add the file that you want to mint as an NFT. It can be in the form of an image / video / audio file or a 3D rendering. Each file format has several requirements which are listed here: NFT Standard

After uploading your file, fill out basic information related to your NFT, like name, description, external URL and properties.

5. Choose a collection under which you would like to mint your NFT. You can also create a new collection:

Add a name, symbol and avatar for your collection. You can also add royalties to take a fee on every transaction on the secondary market.

Once you click “Create”, a Metamask pop-up appears for you to “Confirm” the transaction. Afterwards, your collection will be live!

6. Back to creating your NFT. Once you have checked that all the information you have entered is correct and you have chosen the collection where to mint your NFT, you can now create your item.

After uploading the image, a metamask transaction will appear. Confirm it to mint the NFT.

Congratulations, you just created your first NFT on the Kalao Marketplace. Click on "My Collectibles" in order to see it.

7. You can always check your collections in your Dashboard.

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