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How to use the header panel

  • Explore: You can either explore a list of all NFTs on Kalao or sort NFTs by collection or creator
  • Stats: Access advanced statistics about collections, users or the general activity on the marketplace
  • Sell: List your NFTs either at a fixed price or via auction. Kalao also supports bulk listings (listing multiple NFTs at once)
  • Kalao Go Launchpad: Participate in curated NFT drops
  • Rewards: Stake your tokens to receive benefits
When you search by keyword, you will directly see recommended NFTs, artists or collections linked to your search. For example, for “Tubby”, you will see NFTs linked to the Tubby collection, which is a certified collection as shown by the “
” icon.
Check our “What is a certified collection” tutorial to learn more about it.
The marketplace has also a “Light mode” which can be activated by clicking “
Hover over your avatar icon to open your account menu, with access to “My Dashboard”, “My Collectibles”, "Create" or "Transfer" NFTs and the “Settings” of your profile.
You can follow our tutorials to learn more about the following features: