What fees can I expect when trading NFTs

There are Transaction Fees in order to Create, Buy and Sell NFTs. Gas fees are taken by the underlying blockchain, not Kalao. They are used to pay validators to process your transactions and prevent spamming.

1. When Creating an NFT on C-Chain, there is an “Estimated gas fee” appearing in the Metamask pop-up, corresponding to the transaction fee.

2. When Buying an NFT on C-chain on the Kalao Marketplace, whether it is a Bid, an Offer or a Direct Buy, there is also an “Estimated gas fee” in order to proceed with the transaction.

3. When Selling an NFT on the Kalao Marketplace, whether it is a Direct sale or an Auction, a gas fee has to be paid upon listing. Kalao also applies a 2.5% service fee for every successful sale.

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