How do I purchase Kalao's native token KLO

  1. Find an exchange that supports KLO, either a centralized exchange (CEX) like or a decentralized exchange (DEX) such as TraderJoe.

  2. Set up your account

    1. CEX: Create or log into your account

    2. DEX: Connect your Metamask wallet. You can follow our “How to create a Metamask wallet” tutorial if you don't have a wallet yet.

  3. Buy KLO in your preferred way:

    1. CEX: Deposit fiat, purchase via credit card or use another cryptocurrency to buy KLO

    2. DEX: Swap another token in your Metamask wallet (e.g. AVAX, USDC) for KLO.

Congrats! You just bought $KLO, the native Kalao token, on C-Chain.

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