How to edit my Kalao account settings
This tutorial shows how to set up your user profile on Kalao and unlock the full potential of Kalao Vision.
Once you are connected to the Kalao Marketplace:
1. You have to Edit your profile, and begin interacting in the space. Head to the top right profile icon, select “Settings”.
2. To be informed about all new exclusivity and Unlock full functionality of Kalao Vision, you have to Sign in an account with at least:
  • Username
  • Password
  • Email address
3. Then, Personalize your account in order to change the default "Anonymous" settings with:
  • Your Profile, including: username, bio, email and address,
  • And your Profile photo and Cover banner
4. If you want to Display your sales on the X-chain or your collectibles on C-chain in your own Gallery, you will need to create a Kalao Vision account, by entering your username and password in order to Connect and retrieve your various sales in progress. You can follow this tutorial “How to connect to the Galleries”.
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