How to buy AVAX on Kalao

If you haven't created a Metamask Wallet yet, please check following tutorial: How to create a Metamask wallet

You can either buy AVAX directly from your profile page or from any NFT page through our integrated partner Ramp Network. You can pay via credit card, bank transfer or Apple Pay.


1. Click on “Buy AVAX”.

2. Select which fiat currency to pay with + the amount you would like to swap. Add your e-mail address to obtain a confirmation code and validate by clicking on "proceed".

3. Use the code sent to your email address to confirm your email address.

4. Once done, copy past your Metamask C-chain address to receive funds and click on "Confirm".

5. Select your payment method before validating it.

6. Congratulations, you just received your AVAX that can be used on the Kalao marketplace.

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