Kalao Vision & The Citadel - Metaverse

The Citadel is Kalao’s social sandbox — a place for you to meet other players, chat via text and voice, explore NFT galleries and interact with your favorite protocols. It’s the perfect location to have community (or private) events, showcase NFTs or to socialize with others.Features

  • Multiplayer: Join the community in public spaces of the Citadel anytime and participate in or host special events, such as DJ sets, AMAs, and NFT galleries. Events can be public or private (gated by password). Self-hosted events can have up to 5 concurrent users. To allow for more guests, we are happy to set up a server for you. Just contact us!

  • Shops: Shops are your own, customizable, personal space in the metaverse. They allow you to display your NFTs, build a showroom and access Avalanche dApps.

  • Avatars: To express yourself in the metaverse, you can customize the body, head, clothes and accessories of your avatar. At the start you will be able to customize assets from a pre-defined catalog, but later on anyone will be able to create and sell their own 3D assets.

  • PC & VR: The Citadel launches with PC and VR support. We developed a new skeleton system which makes movements in VR as well as on PC seamless.

How to join the Citadel 1️ Create a wallet and add the Avalanche network 2 Download the launcher 3 Create an account 4 Within the app, go to “Explore” > “Citadel”

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