How to create a Metamask wallet

1. Head over to which is the official link of the Metamask website. Go to the “download” section and select your browser. Metamask is a browser extension.

2. Once your extension is set up, Create a Metamask wallet.

3. To create a new wallet, select “Create a Wallet”.

4. You will have to agree that Metamask uses your data to improve its use.

5. Choose a strong password (more than 8 characters recommended).

6. Once your password is set up, the next step is the most crucial, so take your time. Your secret recovery phrase is used to restore your account. For example, if you lose your device. Everyone with the secret recovery phrase can access your funds, so keep it safe and never disclose it to anyone.

Keep your recovery phrase safe and never disclose it to anyone

7. Confirm your secret recovery phrase by inputting the words in the right order

You can also add your hardware wallet to Metamask. Please follow the instructions on the website of the hardware wallet manufacturer.

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