How does the explore pannel works
Once logged into the Kalao Marketplace following this tutorial “How to connect Metamask to my Kalao account”, you will be able:
1. First, you can click on “Explore”.
2. Then, you will be able to access to NFTs in sales in the marketplace. As default filters, you will be able to see “Avalanche C-Chain”, “For sale”, “Price between 0 & 10000”, “Certified”, and “Recently ListedNFTs.
3. Let's take a closer look at the main filter panel. The Kalao Marketplace supports both C-Chain and X-chain, you can learn more about them following “What is the Avalanche blockchain” tutorial.
4. Using the C-Chain, you have actually two types of sales, you can check “Which type of sale can I use with my C-Chain on the Kalao Martketplace” while on the X-Chain you have only Direct sale “Which type of sale can I use with my X-Chain on the Kalao Martketplace”.
5. You can also access specific NFTs using “Keywords”.
6. You can also access to “Certified” and uncertified collection. You can check “What is a certified collection”. Warning when using uncertified collection, it might be a stolen NFT. Note that the red mark indicates that there is an issue in the collection contract and that it is “Not supported” but the collection address is verified, and NFTs are the real ones not fakes.
7. Then, you can filter using a “Category”.
8. Finally, on the right side of the screen, you can choose different type of sorting.
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