What is Kalao
A quick review of what kalao is, our goals and our vision
Kalao is a complete NFT solution placing a special focus on metaverse and virtual reality. Kalao offers an immersive experience and a more personal way to enjoy NFTs.
Kalao allows users to buy, mint and sell NFTs on its marketplace. Certified collections will be listed to guarantee users the authenticity of the collection they are buying.
You will then be able to display your collection in the various galleries offered by Kalao. Kalao's galleries are also customizable. These features will be available through Kalao Vision.
The Citadel concept will offer a completely virtual experience replicating as many use cases as possible from real world. it will possible to buy land, promote business in slots or stream a concert.
The Kalao experience can be enjoyed with or without a VR headset on all platforms.
Another important point is that Kalao aims to address untapped markets and therefore real world use cases by offering frameworks such as ticketing, digital e-commerce, etc.
Avalanche blockchain is therefore a perfect tech and a perfect match for Kalao. This is one of the fastest blockchain network with extremely low operating fees. The efficiency creates a valuable user experience and the low fees allow everyone to participate.
Finally, Kalao will have its own DAO to onboard community in some of the decisions, vote on system upgrades, new features and new services.
Last modified 8mo ago
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